Top Testimonials Plugin for Divi & WordPress


Top Testimonials Plugin for Divi & WordPress

The Ultimate Testimonial Plugin

Create an attractive and engaging testimonial section for your website with The Ultimate Testimonial Plugin for WordPress: Testify.

About Testify

Convert more site visitors today! With Testify, the ultimate testimonial plugin, you’ll be able to create attractive and engaging testimonial sections for your website in seconds. Both easy to use and easy to customize, Testify allows you to set up beautiful and functional testimonial sections throughout your website without any knowledge of code or CSS. Showcasing positive customer feedback has never been this easy!

We’ve re-engineered the plugin to integrate seamlessly with the Divi Builder itself. This means that if you’re a Divi or Extra user, you’ll be able to insert and customize your Testify testimonial even more easily from within the familiar Divi Builder console.

Quickly Set Up Everything

Within the General Settings tab, you’re able to set the core structure and function of your testimonial, including the number of testimonials to display, the order they’ll animate in and whether the testimonial display will be restricted to either an already-created category or tag.

Add Awesome Styles

In the Advanced Design Settings tab, you’re able to set all of the aesthetics for the text styling of both the author name and testimonial copy sections. These parameters include font family, font size, text color, letter spacing and line height.

Add Custom CSS

Finally, if desired, Testify, as all other Divi modules, allows for additional CSS scripting through the Custom CSS tab.

Hyperlink to the Author’s Website

Testify plugin now allows you to hyperlink directly to the website of the author. Now, potential clients will be able to visit the personal or business website or blog of your previous client.

This is amazing for increased levels of credibility as it shows an even stronger declaration of approval of your services, brand, and abilities.

Limit Testimonial Characters

Now you have the ability to shorten the text of lengthy testimonials and add a nifty “Read More” button.

In the event that an extremely happy customer writes an extensive review, of say 500 characters, you’re able to set a maximum character limit and display a Read More button for those who’d like to continue reading.

Add Testimonials to your Divi & WordPress Theme

Compatible with any WordPress theme, Testify allows you to set up striking testimonial sections for your WordPress website in seconds. With Testify, you’ll be able to showcase positive customer feedback of your product or service and increase your levels of credibility and social proof.

Testify is extremely easy to customize and can be styled to match any brand identity, style guide or website theme. Testimonial elements – including, copy, author name, image, quotation mark and navigation type – can be styled to suit font, color and display preferences. Also, testimonial thumbnail images can be designed on the parameters of size, spacing, animation type, animation duration and autoplay settings. Testimonials can be styled on an individual basis, or alternately, multiple styles can be set using the taxonomy system.

Testify ships fully integrated with leading contact form plugins, including Caldera Forms, WP Forms, Ninja Forms, Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms. You’ll be able to create an extra special form for the front-end of your website that’ll allow a site user to simply enter their text, upload an image and submit their testimonial directly to you. User submitted testimonials will arrive in the back end of your website ready for your approval.

Testify is Integrated with Leading Form Plugins!

Embed a form anywhere on your website that lets your happy customers submit their feedback with ease. Testify is integrated with a number of leading form builder plugins including Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms and WP Forms‘ PRO.

Step 1

Create a new Caldera Form. Include the name, email address, text area and photo upload fields.

Step 2

Integrate Caldera Forms with Testify. Navigate to “Processors”, click “Add Processor” and click “Use Processor”.

Step 3

Generate the shortcode from the Caldera Forms plugin and insert it anywhere on your website.

Step 4

Now your happy clients can submit their feedback directly to you via your website!

Testify Features


Create beautiful and functional testimonial sections for your WordPress website with ease


Enjoy higher conversions by creating beautiful and functional testimonials for your website


Use the Testify module on any page or post from directly within the Divi Builder


Assign categories and tags to your testimonials to display particular testimonials at specific areas within your website


Style your testimonial’s font, color, animation and display properties to match your website’s look and feel


No knowledge of code or CSS required


Use Testify in conjunction with the leading WordPress contact form plugins: Caldera Forms, Gravity Forms, WP Forms, Formidable, Ninja Forms, and Contact Form 7,  and create a simple testimonial submit section on the front-end of your website



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